1-2-1 Consultations

Need advice about managing a therapeutic diet for a medical condition?

Would you like to improve your relationship with food?  Concerned about an eating disorder?

Is your child a ‘fussy eater’? 

Do you or  your child have eating issues associated with autism, ADHD, mental health issues and learning disabilities?

Worried about the adequacy of your or your child’s diet?

Need some new mealtime ideas?

Please note – due to Covid, Happy Eaters is operating remotely and consultations are via zoom, skype or telephone.

Your consultation will involve assessment of current food intake and medical history, and individual targets will be set to improve health and well-being. Don’t worry about trying to remember everything we talk about – I will email you a summary after the session!


Initial consultation from £110
Follow-up appointments from £65

I do also have packages which  include followups.

The price depends on time of day, location and length of appointment.  Email me – sam.perkins@happyeaters.co.uk to book an appointment or to discuss how I can help you.

Weaning Workshops / Fussy Eater Workshops

I regularly run group workshops advising parents on a variety of issues, including  introducing solids and  dealing with fussy eaters. 

Private workshops are available for groups of at least 4,  either in your home or mine  Prices start at just £35 per person and include free email support for up to 4 weeks after attending a workshop!  Weaning sessions also receive a free copy of my weaning video.  Useful to share with your partner or any other person caring for your baby.

Introduction to Weaning Babies

There is a lot of confusion over when and what to feed babies, and so this is a very popular workshop!

  • When to start weaning babies
  • Baby-led weaning vs puree
  • Commercial baby foods vs homemade
  • For more information download this pdf  weaning information 17:18

Coping with Fussy Eaters

Is there a child who is not a picky eater at one time or another?  Sometimes we all need a little help to manage this tricky situation!

  • When to worry and when to ‘chill’
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Managing your fussy eater

Cooking Classes

Please note – due to Covid and premises renovation, cooking classes are currently not running.

Nutritional consultancy / Writing

I can work for you on a consultancy basis in a variety of areas such as;

  • School meals and food policy
  • Menu planning for schools and nurseries
  • Advising childminders on suitable meals and snacks
  • Talking to groups about healthy eating / fussy eaters / menu planning / feeding children / weaning babies
  • Writing articles about various areas of Nutrition

Contact me for further information, rates and availability.