So I started writing this blog at 3 am this morning when I had woken up worrying about world book day costumes and  the lack of bread for the kids’ packed lunches today.  I really should have written my thoughts down as it all sounded much better in my head  in the middle of the night than it does now I am sitting typing in daylight!

Anyway, lying awake with motherly duties going round in my head made me think about how hard we are on ourselves as mothers.  I know that is probably what makes us better mothers ultimately, but I can’t help but think we could sometimes give ourselves a break.  Guilt is such a destructive feeling, but as a mum we inflict it on ourselves all of the time.  We don’t just punish ourselves with the guilt, but we leap ahead 10 years to punish ourselves with how we will ruin our child’s life.  I see it all the time in my work, and as a mum of 3 children of various ages

Let me give you some examples:

  • Your toddler has a tantrum, so they almost certainly will be a delinquent teenager due to your lack of control as a parent!
  • Your child goes 24 hours without a vegetable touching their lips.   He is likely to never eat vegetables again and will be an unhealthy adult.  All because of his mum could not  persuade him to eat a carrot!
  • You have not read with your child all week – he will now probably get demoted into a lower reading group and will never catch up!

None of these are realities and we are just us being hard on ourselves.

I think it is worth remembering that we can only do our best as a mum.  There is so much pressure on women these days to be working as well as being a fantastic parent and we cannot do everything brilliantly all of the time.  So what?!  We are human and need to show our children that we sometimes make mistakes, need to say sorry, and can laugh at ourselves.  It is difficult to accept, but just because we are apparently grown ups does not mean we cannot do silly things now and again!

My daughter hates anyone laughing at her, but all I need to do is show her this video (taken without my knowledge by the CCTV camera outside our house) to illustrate how comfortable I am laughing at myself, and how we all do silly things sometimes!.    I am sharing it with you to hopefully make you chuckle too!

A Hanger on….

So Happy Mothers Day to all you fantastic mums out there.  Put your feet up and let partners (and kids if they are old enough) fuss around you for the day.  You are worth it!


I would also like to offer you  £10 off an initial 1-2-1 consultation on any aspect of family nutrition.  Please let me know at time of booking and quote ‘mothers day’.


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